I am a Medical Anthropologist – based in Groningen, the Netherlands – interested in global health, international development, civil society, global governance, policy implementation, sexual and reproductive health, and mental health.

Currently, I work as lecturer in Applied Psychology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. At the same university I work as senior researcher on a project which investigates the effects of an earthquake-related civil society initiative on people’s mental and physical health and social cohesion in a village in Groningen. We thereby examine the relationship between interventions in the built environment and aspects of livability.

At the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development I coordinate the Global Mental Health theme group. I also have my own consultancy business named ‘Global Health Ethnography’. In February 2020 I was involved in organizing the 2nd edition of the Global Health Film Festival in Groningen. I am board member of the Dutch foundation Anan Clinica, which is active in northern Mozambique.

In May 2019, I defended my PhD dissertation at the University of Oslo. My research focused on the local implementation of globally designed health development projects in Mangochi district in Malawi. I conducted ethnographic fieldwork in a semi-rural village and examined dynamic interactions between NGOs, communities, and the health and education sectors. I was specifically interested in an INGO project that aimed to reducing teenage pregnancies by keeping girls in school, and in maternal health interventions that aimed to increase skilled birth attendance. How do such interventions play out in local realities? How do various individuals transform them during implementation? How can we explain unintended consequences?